Vacation Packing

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Wow!!! It is time to start packing for your family vacation. You are so excited because the whole family is going: husband, two daughters, two sons, the dog, and yourself. You want to make sure that all essential items are packed (physical and spiritual neccesitites). Why not create a packing checklist? Physical Packing List: Clothings Personal hygiene Hair products Shoes … Read More

Spiritual Exercise

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The two components needed to help you maintain a lifestyle of wellness, are physical and spiritual exercises. God’s word tells you that you should maintain a physical fit lifestyle as much as possible in order to be able to witness. “if anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him. For God’s temple is holy, and you are that temple” (1 … Read More

Family Journal

elderly couple on a bike

A fun, exciting, and creative game can be discover through a family journal. Each family member can express their weekly activities, favorite pastime activities, and role within their family. The benefits from weekly family journal entries: Motivate each other to develop and maintain writing skills Record God’s faithfulness to family Provide a creative way to honor a family member on … Read More

A Christian’s Musical Notes

American Red Cross informs us  that the best chance for cardiac survival is for an individual to  trained and able to give a person cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The steps are as follows: Shake and shout Send someone to call 911 Chest Compressions Make sure you have the actual CPR training In order for a Believers to spiritual survive, he or she must become … Read More

Self Talk

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Your words have power. Think about the last thing you said. Were your spoken words negative or positive? The last thing you proclaim into the atmosphere did it bless or curse you and the listeners? Remember God’s word proclaims “the tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences”  (Proverbs 18:21,NLT). How can we … Read More

Why Journal

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Everyday brings new opportunities and unfinished projects or business meeting from yesterday. How can you find peace or understand what is going on inside of you? How can you experience your own unique emotional journey? You can examine and expand your mind, understand self (according to God’s Word), discover your strength and weakness, and explore and release your feelings through … Read More

Music in laughter

The actual sound of laughter is a physiological response to humor. When you laugh heartily, it releases muscle tension, feelings of joy, and reduces your stress level. It shapes your face into a radiant smile. God’s word reminds us that the musical sound from laughter rejuvenate your soul as follows: It is medicine to our soul (a merry heart doeth … Read More

Family Game; Active Listening

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It is family time. Yahoo!! Let us play a game that will develop our listening skills. We will call the Game Can You Lend Me Your Ear? One person will read off the various questions within a certain time period ( one or two minutes). One person will be the timer. Everyone else will be active listeners and take turns … Read More

Music to Study By

Using Music therapeutically, will stimulate your entire brain. Relaxing music can calm your nerves and enable your to concentrate more efficiently. Studying for an exam or doing homework, play one of your favorite inspirational songs. Looking to increase mental engagement with work, music experts suggest you listen to classical music. Coming off your summer break or returning to school or … Read More

Lament It Out

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There are days when you felt tired, stressed, disappointment, mad, or frustrated. Maybe, you felt all the above emotions on one day. It is ok to cry out to the Lord about your feelings. Spend some time in the Lament song (God’s word) reading how David expressed his life’s disappointment and still believed and trust God for guidance. It is … Read More