Family Game; Active Listening

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It is family time. Yahoo!! Let us play a game that will develop our listening skills. We will call the Game Can You Lend Me Your Ear? One person will read off the various questions within a certain time period ( one or two minutes). One person will be the timer. Everyone else will be active listeners and take turns … Read More

Music to Study By

Using Music therapeutically, will stimulate your entire brain. Relaxing music can calm your nerves and enable your to concentrate more efficiently. Studying for an exam or doing homework, play one of your favorite inspirational songs. Looking to increase mental engagement with work, music experts suggest you listen to classical music. Coming off your summer break or returning to school or … Read More

Lament It Out

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There are days when you felt tired, stressed, disappointment, mad, or frustrated. Maybe, you felt all the above emotions on one day. It is ok to cry out to the Lord about your feelings. Spend some time in the Lament song (God’s word) reading how David expressed his life’s disappointment and still believed and trust God for guidance. It is … Read More


african american woman

When you think about the abbreviation M&M what comes to mind? Is your mouth watering for the desire to taste the peanut or chocolate candy called M&M? Are you thinking about going grocery shopping at M&M Market, which is located Dover Ohio?Both are nice thoughts and represent the abbreviation M&M; however, neither one represents the M&M we are referencing. The … Read More

Family Reunion

elderly couple on a bike

Wow!! It is that time of year, for family gatherings. Another way of saying this is, this is an occasion when many members of an extended family (biological, adopted, or spiritual)congregate. While we take this time to enjoy being ourselves, sharing our opinions, eating food, and offering our athletic and verbal skills, let us not forget to take the time … Read More

Self, Musical Note

Your self musical note, should play a loud sound of self-acceptance in Christ. The radiant sounds from your musical note should proclaim your heart sound as being rooted and stead fasted in God. “My heart is steadfast, O God, my heart is steadfast; I will sing, yes, I will sing praises” (Psalm 57:7, NAS). The self musical note will 1. … Read More

Your Mission

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As you travel thought-out your day, you will have plenty of opportunities to serve others. What is your mission statement as you render service to others? Remember God’s Mission Statement is and was John 3:16, NAS “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal … Read More

Soul Music

Using music to cleanse your soul, will wash away the residue of life’s disappointments, family conflicts, unforeseen health issues, and grief from a family or friend’s death. Daily bathing in music refreshes you with a clean spirit, eases heart strain, reduces muscle tension, improves blood circulation, and boost the immune system. Reciting the words from our God’s Grace cd, the … Read More

God Is Bigger Than Your Life Challenges

Life has a way of bringing opportunities, disappointments, health challenges, money issues, unemployment status, and stressors. As we walk by faith we know that God is greater and bigger than all of life’s ups and downs in relation to our earthly lifestyles. For In Christ we know: “You’re bigger than, the problems I’ve faced You’re bigger than, the disaster that … Read More



When you see a rainbow, you notice a variety of colorful things. You stand in awe as you see the radiant glow of shades that collectively gives off a bright light. Wow!As you continue to stare at the rainbow, you realize that each colors produces different sensations on your eyes. Your family members are affiliated by birth, through marriage and … Read More