Our houses our rooted upon a solid foundation which originated from a blueprint. Our careers choices and hiring process are rooted upon a blueprint which consisted of our resume, years of experiences and sales pitches. Our dreams, goals, and visions are accomplished based upon our blueprints; self-esteem, self-identities, self-determinations, and faith systems. Our relationships’ blueprints are rooted upon our loyalties, … Read More


We do not feel like being bother by the following external sounds, news media, family voices, employers’ dictatorships, loud music, or traffic sounds. We put on our selective headsets. This will allow us to hear and meditate on what “we choose to hear”. Yes, headphones can rescue us from unfamiliar sounds, unwanted sounds, and constructive sounds needed for survival. Before … Read More

Knock Out

Within the boxing and wrestling area spectators are on edge, the panic button has been pushed, television audience are waiting to visually see if the knocked down opponent will rise to the occasion or be counted out. The spectators who betted against the down-and-out fighter will be thrilled and pleased and a little richer if he chooses to stay down … Read More

Slow and Steady

At times we have to move, react, and proceed with caution. Our traveling pace may be slower than usual. When we accomplish our task or finish our course, we realized that “haste made waste” repeating the journey was unnecessary, and our slow and steady pace resulted in victory versus defeat. Whether our assignment was professional or personal, the outcome was … Read More

Quick Service

  We are famished and need a quick snack. We ponder over which fast-food restaurant to spend our monies. Our focus is on quenching the hunger sound within which is now being heard outward. Yes, we are starving, however, the food choice we make can either nourish our souls and bodies or cause and uproar within our intestines. The expression, … Read More


Water is the life source for our physical healthcare. Two-thirds of our bodies is made up of water. Within our natural bodies, water is the miracle worker. Water promotes good digestion, it aides in weight management, strengthen or immune system, and aide in eliminating toxic waste. It helps to prevent kidney stone and it aides in pain management of migraines … Read More

The Traffic Light

Approaching the intersection and the release to proceed through the intersection depends on if we are a driver or pedestrian. The colorful traffic light keeps traveling order, reduces intersection accidents. Traveler know and abide by the traveling laws. As drivers we know that we proceed on the green light after caution. IF we are traveling by foot, we know that … Read More

The Blues

Each day brings about many challenges, adventures, good news and unexpected relationships and situations. When life throws us a curve ball, we start singing the blues. Singing our chosen song of blues, we proclaim sorrow, sadness, hurt, and journey downs depression lane. Also, we recall broken relationships, loss wages, claimed incurable diseases, and hardships. No doubt we must recognize and … Read More

In The Middle

Being in the middle can be comfortable or suffocating. Being a middle child might mean wearing our siblings’ hand-me-downs. We have heard the expression “stuck in the middle”. This can be a bad thing, if we are in the middle of two people fist fighting, on the other hand, it can be a good thing when we are in cold … Read More

Close Doors

Throughout our earthly journey we have walked through doors that automatically closed behind us. Entering and exiting the grocery stores the revolving doors open and close. Vacation trips land us in the hotel where the elevator doors open and shut behind us as we reach our room destinations. Daily career choices lead us to enter our professional work places through … Read More