God Is

God Is If you are looking for some anointed inspirational songs, check out our music section and purchase some of our anointed music by our inspiration vocalist, Byron Weems. Buy Now MUSIC ™©

Peace in the Song

Everyone’s definition of peace varies; however, we all enjoy drama free times. Some enjoy the calming sounds from the ocean’s waves. Some of us enjoy the soothing rhythm sounds within our meditation sessions. Some enjoy the sounds of laughter and the joyous sounds heard within the holiday seasons. We find peace in the song when we are able to be … Read More

Healthy Body/Prayer

A healthy body requires us to have strong faith. You ask how does the two blend (Healthy body and faith). If we believe that our bodies our God’s temple, then we must take our daily dose of fitness medicine from His Word (the Bible). Before we can attend a fitness class or eat a meal, we need to seek God’s … Read More


Don’t forget to VOTE. This strength training and flexibility technique permits one to maintain a tone and strong body. The principles of Pilate remind us to concentrate on the movements and to breathe through the flowing energizing techniques. Since we are growing in God’s grace we must breathe through our daily interactions with others as we flow through our lifestyle … Read More

I Don’t Feel Like It

It is ok to admit when you do not feel like doing something, seeing someone, or attending an event. Life is challenging and adventurous.; yet, we must deal with the feelings and move forward. The first suggestion is to ask ourselves, why don’t we feel like it? Is it because we are just overworked and underpaid (smile)? Is it because … Read More

Thank God for Everything

Maintaining a balance lifestyle requires us to accept and evaluate every decision we made, the outcomes that were great and the ones that were disappointing, times we laughed and times we cried. Victory over every circumstances reveal/revealed how we respected, accepted, and released lessons learned on our lifestyle journeys. Thank You Lord for all you have done for me. If … Read More

Successful Thoughts

“For as he thinks in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7a). We tend to think negative about ourselves; therefore, we think ourselves out of pursuing our dreams, goals, and healthy wellbeing. Our successful lifestyles depend upon our imaginations which captivate our thoughts. Even if our daily outcome did not meet our full expectation, we must not get discouraged or … Read More

Band Aides

To shield our physical soars from bacteria, we cover them with band aides. Children can choose to wear superhero band aides. Adults can select to wear either Cured Sensitive Skin, colorful Medca Self Adherent band aides, or “gauze band aides, a simple woven strip of material”. We can allow our soars to heal stylishly. Band aides have to be changed … Read More

Mouth Wash

Bad breath is not recommended when communicating with others. Health awareness reminds us that mouth odor can be an unhealthy hygiene practice. When preparing to engage in verbal communication, mouth wash is a safety tool. Why? It reduces cavities. It is considered a major part of our basic oral hygiene and dental care, since it fights gum diseases. It can … Read More


  No one likes to be told they have an infection. The word infection is viewed as negative. The dictionary defined infections as “the process of infecting or the state of being infected”. Now, how we get infected can be mystery to us and the medical industry. One thing is for sure, once infected, we have to fight the virus, … Read More