Season of Love

Christmas day has passed. The Lord’s presence is within the air and reveal within our lifestyles. The birth of the Savior radiant within the air we breathe and within the environment. His breath of freshness reminds us His redemption plan that is to be vividly illustrated within every breath and step we take, every word we say, every thought, and … Read More

Gift Return

It is the day after Christmas, and we are pondering over the unwanted Christmas gifts received. In the spirit of love, we do not want to seem ungrateful; yet, we don’t like the gifts received from family members, friends or co-workers. How do we handle this, since we know we will not wear or use several of the gifts received? … Read More

Merry Christmas

The Savior’s Birth Merry Christmas If you are looking for some anointed inspirational songs, check out our music section and purchase some of our anointed music by our inspiration vocalist, Byron Weems. Buy Now MUSIC ™©

Holiday Loneliness

The joyous sounds of Christmas’ cheer can cause some to feel lonely due to grief (loss of a loved one) devastating break up (divorce, friendship, sibling rivalry), unemployment (recent lay off), or bad memories (previous negative holiday interactions). We all would like to avoid feelings of loneliness during this holiday season. When the feeling of loneliness manifest let us prayerfully … Read More

Holiday Stressors

Missing loved ones, unrealistic giving and receiving expectations, financial pressures, and self-inflicted excessive commitments cause us to enter the anxiety and stress twilight zone. The holiday fun energizing and exciting festivities can end with us feeling overwhelmed, depressed, and fatigued. The social gatherings, baking, and family intimacy or lack of these things and people can leave us in a chaotic … Read More

Mary Did You Know?

If you are looking for some anointed inspirational holiday music, check out our music section and purchase our anointed holiday cd called God’s Holiday by our Inspiration Vocalist, Byron Weems. Buy Now

Holiday Choices

This is the season to be Jolly. Fa la la la is the joyous tune we are proclaiming and hearing throughout the shopping malls. As Believers, our season greetings influence and reveal our loved walk in Christ. As worshipper and followers of Christ, our holiday spirit will radiant the atmosphere through our acts of services, which are overflowing from the … Read More

Holiday Thinking

Our thoughts linger over holiday planning. We are excited about family gatherings. We dazzle and razzle to the holiday songs. We anticipated Black Friday sales and prepare to take off from work and wait in line for the stores to open. All of our holiday plans require thinking, more thinking and rethinking how to schedule maintain, or eliminate people, places, … Read More

Holiday Spending

During this season of cheer and radiant holiday decorations, we ask each other what do you want for Christmas and how do you and your loved ones celebrate Christmas? Before we enter into the spending spree zones, let us make sure we talk to God about our budget zones. This will help to eliminate overspending, overcharging, and receiving non-sufficient fund … Read More

The Nativity Scene

Wow!! It is awesome to visualize a live nativity scene. It is breath taking to see how a sin free baby arrives on earth and is showered with gift blessings. The nativity scene reminds us of God sacrificial offering, the simplicity of the manger, the irony of the King’s deception and the king’s personal insecurity about the birth of a … Read More