Leadership: Failure Avoidance

“Whoever heeds instruction is on the path to life, but he who rejects reproof leads others astray” (Proverbs 10:17 NIV). Walking in self-confident in Christ, allows us to express our thoughts, opinions and ideas without leading others astray, belittling other’s ideas and viewpoints, competing with others for visual recognition, and falsifying documents to receive praise through deception. Successful leaders surround … Read More

Make It Happen

Goals and dreams don’t just happen. In order to visually see our dreams and goals manifest, we must deal, endure, and overcome the obstacles between imaginary and reality. Destination thoughts, meditation and intellectual visions originate brainstorming. Our brainstorming process requires us to organize our thoughts into a strategic plan within time management zone. Before we can initiate and place our … Read More

A Leader

Dictionary.com defines a leader as a person that leads. A person who guides or direct a movement, organization, or a political group. According to the general definition of a leader, one does not have to be a CEO, or an elected official. We all have some leadership abilities and skills. Does that make us true leaders? We must remember that … Read More

Leadership: Family

Each person within our family have a leadership role to perform. In order to maintain unity, peace, harmony, appreciation and respect for each family member, we all must agree to disagree in love. Disagreeing with each other’s leadership style in the area of self-choices just means we do not like each other’s preferred self-choices. Yet, we choose to love and … Read More

Leadership: Nutritionist Relationships

The art of delegation does not mean as leaders we give co-workers tedious tasks that we do not want to do. Also, it does not mean we give others assignment and control the outcomes. Yes, delegating to others creatively gives us time to work on other projects. A better way of viewing delegation is as permitting leaders to create nutritionist … Read More

Leadership: People Skils

Leading others requires people skills. We need to understand and appreciate that our leadership abilities cause us into the people business. How we interact with others will determine their freedom of choices to follow or not follow our leaderships. WE must be transformative leaders. We allow Christ to continuously mode our characters, personalities, and attitudes. We will continue to walk … Read More

Leadership: Failure Prevention

Avoidance of leadership failure within our personal and professional lifestyles can be accomplish once we view decisions, challenges, hardships, lost job opportunities and friendships as neither failure nor success but as a learning opportunity and self-growth under God’s grace. Leadership requires us to engage and maintain a self-care plan that causes spiritual growth, soul and physical healthcare. This plan can … Read More

Leadership: Self-Identity

We always hear someone saying, “before you can lead you must follow”. That is an interesting statement. If we are leaders would we follow our own leadership? That is a scary assumption; yet everyday we lead ourselves into various situations, circumstances, and relationships. Our self-leadership is entwined with our self-identity. Our faith and belief values are illustrated through or verbal … Read More

Service With A Smile

The slogan “Service with a smile” is refreshing for the person being served. Also, if you are the server and receiving excellent tips, you will continue to smile while serving others. How does one continue to serve with a smile when life challenges are overwhelming? One can select to operate from an attitude of gratitude versus serving from one’s emotional … Read More

Time Management

As the year and day begins, we are excited about our upcoming adventures, workload, educational courses, and personal accomplishments. As we entered into our weekly activities, nothing goes as schedule and we have missed personal and professional opportunities. Our daily strategic agendas are beginning to become stressful and burdensome. How can we override feelings of anxiety and failure? Flexibility. By … Read More