Money Maker

We all want to create, develop, or enhance a product that will guarantee us ongoing overabundance of cash flow. Entertainers flock onto the voice to be discovered, families become contestants on Family Feud in hopes of winning prices and cash. Children dream of becoming the number one draft person to make money, receive fame and ongoing recognition. In order to … Read More


We all have heard the saying “To be or not to be”. In relation to our daily interactions, how affectively do we illustrate our Christlike being to self and others? When we wake up in the morning who is the first person we greet? Do our inner spirit yearn to say Praise God and good morning God, Jesus, Holy Spirit … Read More

We Can

We can count the times in fear, doubt, or uncertainty we have declared I CAN’T: Make ends meet. Get over how you mistreated me. Win for loosing. Compete against (fill in the blank). Afford to (fill in the blank) Help you because I can’t help myself. I SUGGEST WE TAKE THE CAN’T LIMITS OFF OF GOD. HOW? By focusing on … Read More

Security Deposit

Before we can move into our new resident, we are required to place within a trust account a sum of money. This guarantees our right to relocate to the new place and prevents the seller, realtor, from selling the home to another buyer. What security deposit do we have for our earthly journey? God’s endurance security deposit was provided through … Read More

Be Confident

Bold Confident When we stand up for what we believe, we are asked “Who do you think you are”? Let us meditate on that statement for a moment. Well, who do we think we are? We are fearfully and wonderfully made in His image (Psalm 139:14). Since we are walking in His image We can boldly in love confront someone … Read More


Can you hear me now? In order to successfully complete our tasks, assignments, activities, and enhance our spiritual growth we must make sure that we, the listeners comprehend what the speaker (spirit, soul, and body) is saying. What clarification probing questions should we be asking ourselves before making decisions? 1. Clarification questions within a professional environment a. Is this what … Read More


We express happiness when we show pleasure and excitement towards others or about a place or thing. True family happiness is visually portrayed when we respect, appreciate and place each other needs, dreams and goals above our own. The benefits from maintaining healthy family relationships are: Happy and secure children Everyone uniqueness is accepted and valued It gives each one … Read More


Worldview gives a visual photo on the needs of healthcare coverage for all regardless of one’s income status. The media keeps us informed on the political debates and the increasing crime rates. Career choices remind us of the possibility of unemployment. Our family members casually remind us of our need for mouth controls, personality adjustments and attitude checks. If we … Read More


We have heard the proclamation that the power of death and life is in our tongues. If that is the case, then we are responsible for creating successful futures through our word choices. We cannot undo past constructive and destructive word choices; however, we can learn from our past lifestyle outcomes based on our word choices. Since our words have … Read More


We are running late for work, school, or schedule appointment. We are caught in a traffic jam. Our monthly bills are due. We fear scheduling our annual physical and taking school tests. Relatives are coming over for our family holiday celebrations. STOP Panicking !!!!!!!!!! Just BREATHE Before we enter the unwanted zone of high blood pressure, sky rocketing cholesterol reading, … Read More