The Golden Rule

“love your neighbor as yourself (Matt. 22:39). The “Golden Rule” is the heart of living a successful productive lifestyle in Christ. The rule simply proclaims, love is the reason for our services, and a key component for our actions. Our expression of love reminds us of God’s redemption love for us and how we are to reciprocate it towards others. … Read More

Time Management

Being Christlike reminds us that we are to use our time wisely. Daily, we need to challenge our scheduling skills by making sure that our scheduled appointments, personal and professional glorify and represent God. Our lifestyle choices, daily chores, and job assignments can become stressfully challenging when we find ourselves making decisions, scheduling meetings, interacting with loved ones and co-workers … Read More


“We are fearfully and wonderfully made in His image” (Psalm 139:14). Since we are to be good stewards over our lifestyles’ choices, we are architects. defines an architect as follows: “a person professionally engaged in the design of certain large constructions other than buildings and the like”. As architects we creatively entwine our daily activities and lifestyles’ choices into … Read More

Health: Rest

We all enjoy family activities, church worship services, movie nights, and social events. In order to maintain our sanity and continue to enjoy me-times, recreational events, and hobbies, we need to rest. Three areas of rest needed are physical, emotional, and spiritual. This means we need to take a break from physical activity by relaxing to soothing music, engaging in … Read More

Health: Restoring Balance

We can tell when our lifestyles are out of balance. We wake up not feeling well. Our daily schedules are overloaded with yesterdays to do list. We forgot to attend important events. We do not want to get up out of bed. We are dodging phone calls or returning emails. Suggestive ways to restore balance Take charge over our lifestyles-decide … Read More

Health: Balance

Juggling activities, engaging in making numerous decisions, lacking time for rest and relaxing can cause us to operate from fatigue, poor physical condition, and malnutrition. We need wellness balance. This will allow us to know when we need to be praying or serving. This will help us to know when we should be: Working or taking leisure time. Leading project … Read More

Health: Simplicty

In order to get away from a complex workload, overwhelming lesson plan, and conflicting schedule, we need to maintain a lifestyle of simplicity. Selecting to live a lifestyle of simplicity means less emotional drama, removing stress and allowing us to incorporate rest, fun, and me-time. This lifestyle of simplicity Is: Voluntary-it is not forced or involuntary impoverishment. We choose to … Read More


YOU= You or Used What characteristics, dress attires, personal traits, and spiritual awareness define YOU? defines YOU as “the pronoun of the second person singular or plural, used of the person or persons being addressed, in the nominative or objective case”. As a child of God, YOU be defined as: Being a new creature in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17 … Read More

Apple Cider Vinegar

We associate apple cider vinegar with weight loss. Yet, apple cider vinegar is made from ripe, freshly crushed, apples. Yes, talk hosts, radio broadcasters, and newspaper articles are testifying how this product has been proven to help millions lose unwanted pounds. This product offers more benefits than just weight loss and control. It does offer nutrition benefits. For example. USDA … Read More

Peace of Mind: Control

WE would love for our week to always end where our workloads, tasks, and assignments are ALL completed. In a fantasy world that can be accomplish but not within our realistic world. We need to remind ourselves daily that “We need to learn and remind ourselves every day that God’s favor-His blessings and answers to prayer-comes to us not on … Read More