Credit Card Benefits

Society is constantly encouraging students to get a credit card, since media proclaims that a credit card will teach the college student the reality of financial education and freedom. How is this possible? Credit cards can help you establish excellent credit history (if you do not purchase over the limit, make your payments, and purchase during emergency times). Students can … Read More


The word no leaves a bad taste in our mouths, it limits our expectation, it initiate feelings of fear, and rejection. Yet, if we look at it from a healthy perspective, we realize that the word NO can shield us from unhealthy relationships, burn-out, and financial debt. Incorporating the word No into our daily vocabulary permits us to enter into … Read More


We are always looking for ways to protect our investments. Home security we hope will eliminate burglary, auto insurance protects our car investment, and health coverage permits us to maintain holistic lifestyles. Cybersecurity, according to Marriam-Webster are the “measures taken to protect a computer or computer system (as on the Internet) against unauthorized access or attack”. Media advertises how one … Read More


When we meditate on the definition of the word Chasity, we think that one who operate within a state of Chasity does the following: abstain from unlawful sexual intercourse, a priest or nun, purity in conduct and intention, restrain from participating in unlawful activities and interact with others with integrity. As we view our daily interaction within the mirror, can … Read More

Family: Mindfulness

This weekend as we spend time with love ones, let us be mindful of their weekend plans, personalities, attitudes, preferences, emotional states, and lifestyles challenges. We can practice family mindfulness by: Making sure we are rested and taking care of our personal needs before interacting with family. Making sure we are willing to love, respect, and appreciate each family member … Read More

Mindfulness: Self-Worth

As we think about our self-worth, we ponder over what we are not. As these negative thoughts linger, we visually see ourselves as worthless, penniless, anti-social, unloved by self and others, and a menace to society. We can overcome our preconceived meditated self-image of defeat placed upon ourselves or inflicted upon us by loved ones, neighbors, co-workers, customers, supervisors, and … Read More

Mindfulness: Eating

We need to eat; yet we don’t make the time to partake of a nutritionist meal. At this moment, we are starving tired, frustrated and need to get the job, school assignment, or family commitment done; therefore, drive through at our favorite fast-food is our quick and comforting food choice fix-it. The food choices we made and are making will … Read More

Mindful Meditation

Let us pause, if possible, right now and breathe in and exhale out for two minutes and try this prayer and recollection meditation which helps to restore our inner peace by Klaus Issler: “Now and then I pause, and listen to my breathing: Is it SLOW? QUICK? EASY? LABORED? Congested? And I ask, how do I feel, Now in my … Read More


We are always multi-tasking. We find ourselves proclaiming: we need to do this; what do we need to do this evening; we wonder what tomorrow will bring. All of these thoughts, ideas, and concerns bombard our minds. If we stop to meditate on what we are thinking about, we will realize that we are not enjoying the MOMENT, right now. … Read More

Soul Care: Mind/Emotion Assessment

We often forget to take the time to check our mind and emotion thermostats. We realize that the emotional thermostat is too high after being angry, verbally abusing others, or feeling weak or tired. We get upset and anxious about what we are meditating on; yet, we do not stop to reset our thought thermostat to energizing and encouraging thoughts. … Read More