The multitask that a mat places within one’s lifestyles are phenomena. When one is ready to meditate, one can engage in yoga. This requires one to use a yoga mat for the task. To decorate our floors or to eliminate back pain while doing dishes, or if we are standing on our feet for more than two hours, we can … Read More

Happy Friday

Keep Wholistic lifestyle by keeping God first, family next, career/business and always remember to Make Room If you are looking for some anointed inspirational songs, check out our music section and purchase some of our anointed music by our inspiration vocalist, Byron Weems. Buy Now MUSIC ™©

Make Room

  “I find space for what I treasure And I make time for what I want I choose my priorities and Jesus, You’re my number one So I will make room for You I will prepare for two So You don’t feel that You Can’t live here Please live in me” Lyric by Jonathan McReynolds, Make Room. Does that sound … Read More

The Thrill Is Gone

“The thrill is gone. The thrill is gone away. The thrill is gone baby. The thrill is gone away. You know you done me wrong baby. And you’ll be sorry someday. The thrill is gone. It’s gone away from me. The thrill is gone baby. The thrill is gone away from me. Although, I’ll still live on. But so lonely … Read More


Taking time out to engage in solitude is beneficial for our health and wellbeing. Inner peace refreshes our soul and body. As we meditate over the peace and tranquility visually portray through the waterfalls, palm trees sways, and the pleasure and joy receive through debt free proclamation we can appreciate the schedule solitude time. We must realistically confirm that schedule … Read More

You Are Invited

You Are Invited To Join Us For the 2nd Quarter CNE, Christian Networking Entrepreneurs Featuring: Wholistic Healthcare: Personal and Business “To Be Effective, Efficient, and Productive” The Event is For Everyone with spotlight on Emerging Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and Community Leaders. Featuring: Spotlight Business-Carmella Hill L.P.C. C S, founder of Empower to H.O.P. E Services L.L. C And Event … Read More


The atmosphere radius from the energizing music that proclaim loudly the tunes, notes, lyrics and radio voices of our selections of sounds. We can turn on the station and broadcast as loud as our listening devices can manage. For some of us we enjoy loud music, the louder the better even at the risk of our hearing. For others we … Read More

You Are Invited

Enduring Faith

Faith In God Poems “To have faith is to defy logic. It takes faith to think positively. It takes faith to believe that there is a loving God who cares deeply about our pain. To believe in life, the universe, or yourself after numerous failures is to have courage. Faith is an act of courage. It is choosing to get … Read More