Sunscreen: Counterattack

The weather forecast reveals that the temperature is rising. This means more outdoor activities. Since we are fearfully and wonderfully made in His Image, we must engage in skincare maintenances. Suggestive tips on who can benefit from wearing sunscreen:   Anyone who easily sunburn. Those who work outdoors and will be enjoying outdoor activities. Anyone who wants to maintain youthful … Read More


    It is Monday. It is time to twist our thought while we lunge into the productive week ahead. Let us stay active and in shape as we face masks through this week and endure or handle plans and unexpected circumstances. Let us try this strengthening, sculpting, and toning movement.   Facing sideways, hands at your side, shoulder relaxed … Read More

Family Fun

It is the weekend again. The weather is looking great. It is time for some family fun. Let us have some aerobic fun. Select a cardio for the whole family (in agreement). Your family’s cardio choice can be: swimming, walking, hiking, skating, climbing, singing (voice aerobic), volleyball, and etc. Try it for 20-30 minutes twice this weekend. Remember to have … Read More

Living Healthy

This means no dead weight allowed within our spirit, soul, and body. If we are going to run our earthly race to our desired fitness line, we must eliminate all unhealthy burdens. We have to lay aside every weight that is causing us to drag to the finish line. What are weights? Anything that is causing us to go through … Read More

To Buy or Not To Buy?

It is very challenging to detour from purchasing something we have been dwelling over for a short/long period of time. Going through this season of COVID-19 drought reminds us to spend our resources wisely. If you are a follower of Christ, you must remember to tithe, pay bills, provide for love ones and self-preserve. If you are unemployed, you must … Read More

Anger control: SSS

We get angry for several reasons. Our responses to anger is what we needs to be in  control of.  We are not responsible for others’ words, actions or deeds. We must remind ourselves of this fact. Our response to anger is controllable when we implement the SSS suggestive tips. You ask, what is SSS? It is S-Swift to hear S-Slow … Read More

Eating Help

  Yes, we see our favorite snacks or dessert and we are ready to indulge. The next time you are at the table and have the desire or urge to eat unhealthy try pushing away from the table exercise. Yes, a table push up. Here we go Make sure your chair is not on wheels Feet flat on the floor … Read More

Family Exercise

  This summer is time to promote exercises for the entire family through fun activities that will allow each family member to develop/maintain long-term healthy behavioral changes and stay physically fit throughout their life span. Do you have some suggestions on maintaining family fun, excitement and peace? Looking for some more family fun activity try purchasing our Fun Fitness Book; … Read More

Mind Meditation

At times our thoughts are cluster with negativity. We answer doubtful questions on how did I get here, Why did I not get the position, Why are they gossiping about me, why did my relationship fail, and the why question go on and on. During this doubt draining episode, is the time to take a breath, renew our minds with … Read More

Confident Steps

  Our first steps towards our goal are exciting. As we continue on our journey, each step taking becomes shorter, feeling of uncertainty rises, doubt of financial support lingers, and energy level are depleted. We have to remind ourselves that this is a marathon race, not a microwave destination. Let us look at the steps we are to take. As … Read More