Family Gatherings

  Missing loved ones, unrealistic giving and receiving expectations, financial pressures, and excessive self-inflicted commitments cause us to enter the anxiety and stress twilight zone.  Our family gatherings can be fun, energizing, and exciting festivities or they can end with us feeling overwhelmed, depressed, and exhausted.  The social groups, baking, family intimacy, or lack of these things and people can … Read More


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I Do

We have heard this declaration at every wedding ceremony. Yet, we make this declaration several times throughout our daily interactions, verbally or nonverbally. When we arrive at school or work, we say I do accept the responsibilities for this work or school load today. When we bless our meals and eat them, we state that I did select this food. … Read More

Words: Self-Identity

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof” (Proverbs 18:21). You know I was Joking. Your actions provoked me to give you a piece of my mind. I am not one to gossip; however, this is something we need to pray about. If we take the time to … Read More

Actions: Self-Worth

Our verbal expression through our selective actions reveals our character, personality, and faith declaration. If we say we are highly favored and children of the Highest King, do our services to self and others reveal our claim as Christlike descendants? Does our self-worth statement proclaim?  I walk in forgiveness, or I remind others of how they have hurt or disappointed … Read More

Family Love

Love for family should not be rooted upon self-love. We should love and respect ourselves enough to love, appreciate, and respect the differences in others. Love can be define as: Loving (L) others (O) value (V) for ever (E). Remember each member of the family has his/her unique size, age, shape, dreams, goals, personality, character and lifestyle choices. Our love … Read More


We turn this metal piece of equipment which controls the flow or water other liquids from pipe when washing dishes, clothes, cleaning our houses. For some, the faucets are used doing our hair appointments, pedicures, manicures and washing our cars. As we deal with our self-faucet, we need to be mindful of our self-control flow throughout our daily interactions. The … Read More

Self-Awareness and Self-Acceptance

Self-awareness and self-acceptance of our limitations are important in order for us to avoid burnout. A self-awareness strategy of knowing who and what pushes our buttons of aggravation, anxiety, and frustration can help us to avoid feeling overwhelmed, angry, and the need for self-defense. This will help restore or maintain optimal safe-care within the following wellness components: emotional, physical, financial, … Read More

The Clock

Tic Toc goes the clock. As we look at our watch, phone, or the clock on the wall we are notating the time in relation to our agenda. As the clock strikes the time for us to get up, we need to put on the whole armor of God and determine to not take things personally. As the clock strikes … Read More

Grief Recovery: The Why Questions

  While going through the grief recovery process, we often go into the “why questionnaire phase”. We may ask ourselves: Why did this happen to me/us? Why did he or she have to suffer? Why did he or she commit suicide? Why do I have to hurt? Why did I not do something to stop it from happening? Why was … Read More