Inner Thermostat: Your Self Monitoring

Inner Thermostat The inner therrmostat, self-monitoring reveals the warmth or chill within our enviroment. We know that our houses/apartments, place of residencies or place of employments room temperature is set by the thermostat. What is the purpose of a thermostat? It is the device that automatically regulates temperature. Your Self-Control Monitor As we ponder over our lifestyle choices, what monitors … Read More

Your Most Prized Painting IsYou

Prize Painting Your most prized pairing is you. When we think about a prized painting, we associate it with a high price, and a famous artist. The historical and the popularity of the artist distinguish the high quality and worth of the painting. Valuable Human Being When thinking about your most valuable (human) prized painting society proclaims the person is … Read More

I Like Me

I Like Me It is ok to say “I Like Me.” Therfore, it is good to enjoy yourself. Why is it important to like and love yourself? Becuase boys and girls, you will be around you the most? ourself (we will say me for yourself). Boys and girls answer the following questions: When you wake up in the morning; who … Read More

Soul Searching A Self-Face Off

Soul Searching Define Soul-searching is needed when dealing with self-evaluation. First, we must do a self-soul search. Before facing our inner likes and dislikes, one must define the soul. The soul is an inward part of us, including free-will mind meditation, feelings, and emotions. Yes, the components we choose not to search. We must check and re-check our thoughts which … Read More

Self-Love, Appreciation,Self-Affirmations

Self-Appreciation Ladies, we like being recognized, being shown appreciation, and being respected by others. Yet, when we put on our mutual-lifestyle hats, we sometimes forget to show ourselves self-compassion and self-appreciation. As life goes on, we don’t have time to wait or feel unappreciated. Let us take time to affirm our self-worth. How? By saying self-affirmations and simply being me. … Read More

Joy! Do You Have It?

What Is Joy? Joy is defined in webster’s dictionary as the emotion is evoked by well-being, success, good fortune, or the prospect of possessing what one desires. Does that description fit your lifestyle? Mind you, we all have challenging days. What Is Our Joy Focus? Our joy focus is a three-fold purpose: Pleasure, passion, and purpose. First, Pleasure is not … Read More

Healthy Lifestyle Habits: Persistence

Healthy Lifestyle Habits Through Persistence Healthy lifestyle habits through persistence can detour you from an unhealthy immune system. No one wants to deal with the recurring virus, fatigue, emergency room visits, or just irritation. Yet, year after year HTTPS, we start the new year by making resolutions to eat better, exercise, avoid stress, pursue our dream jobs, or enter a … Read More

Merry Christmas Mindfulness of Love

MIndfulness of Love Mindfulness of love is radiant throughout the Christmas season. Families gather around the fireplace. Also, church bells ring “Glory to the New Born King.” In addition, the Christmas carol loudly proclaims, “this is the season to be jolly.” Finally, shopping malls lure spenders to purchase loving gifts for Christmas cheerfully. There are some of the ways we … Read More

Being Mindful Of Our Thoughts

Mindful Of Our Thought Inventory Being mindful of our thoughts reminds us to take inventory of our thinking patterns.  As we enter the season of being grateful, we must allow our minds to be flooded with the attitude of gratitude.  Have you heard the expression, “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”?  Our thoughts program our mind … Read More