Arise and move forward as a new Creature in Christ. As Christians, we are so excited about the Resurrection Sunday. For Believers, we are relieved, excited, appreciative, and energized as the thought that all of our sins are covered under the shed blood of Jesus Christ. We still have to endure our self-will, others’ projected and inflicted self-will for us. … Read More

Diet: Prayer

When we hear the word diet, we think of eating restriction for the purpose of weight management. We know that our food intake is to be done in moderation and under God’s constructive approval. Yet, we can achieve greater healthcare by entwining physical, emotional, and healthy eating with prayer. There is a connection between weight maintenance and spirituality. God’s word … Read More

Allergy and Essential Oils

There are all kinds of natural remedies within our healthcare system to help us deal with, overcome and eliminate allergies. We must realistically acknowledge that we are battling allergies knowing that with God all things are possible. By acknowledging the allergy attacks does not mean we accepting this infirmity within our bodies. We are simply stating we know what is … Read More

Allergy Alert

Mayo Clinic states that allergies occur “when your immune system reacts to a foreign substance — such as pollen, bee venom or pet dander — or food that doesn’t cause a reaction in most people”. Antibodies is produced within one’s immune system, when allergies disturb one’s health system. The immune system makes these antibodies to alert one’s body of particular … Read More

Anger Management

Managing our anger can be rewarding and beneficial within our personal and professional lifestyles. We will become more empathetic and less judgmental. This will help us respect and understand other’s perspective of lifestyle choices even if we do not agree with their choices. We will build more intimate trustworthy relationships. People will not try to avoid us because of how … Read More

Children: Anger Management

Helping children to cope with their feelings of anger can be challenging if we, adults, are choosing not to cope with our own feelings of anger. After we have gone through, accepted, and handle our personal anger management, we are ready to assist our children through their anger journey. First, we have to recognize and help our children when they … Read More

For for Thought

The next time we enter the anger attack zone, let us counter attack it by engaging in self-Control in Christ. First, let us take three deep breaths. Next, let us engage in soul health care by examining our thoughts, emotions, and attitudes. Let us ask ourselves the following questions: Why am I angry? Did I cause this anger? Does my … Read More


We can tell when we are operating from angry emotions. We can hear ourselves proclaim I feel angry. You are making me mad or we feel resentment internally without responding externally through our words, actions or deeds. It activates the emotion anger when one’s feeling visually illustrate strong resentment expression which transition into physical words of resentment or frustration with … Read More

Cell Phone and Family Events

We all love our cell phones, since they are considered ready access to be used upon our request. If we are not careful, this modern technology, can ruin our family fun time. While we are feeling more connected to what we are viewing on our phones, we have disconnected with our love ones who are right in front of us. … Read More