Thoughts and Family

Thoughts and Family As we approach this weekend, let us not get caught up on how we think it should go and how our family members should act. Let us remember “that most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins” (1 Peter 4:8). Suppose we continue to focus and … Read More


Dryer For those who like to wash clothes, a dryer comes in handy. We can leave our clothes in the dryers during laundry time and proceed to engage in other activities. This utility item eliminates the need to hang our clothes outside or inside a laundry room. We comprehend the healthcare benefits of wearing clean, dry garments versus wearing wet … Read More

The Waiting Game

The Waiting Game Most of our lifestyle is locating in the waiting room.  We wait nine months to be born; we wait to receive our weekly paychecks. We wait to transition from kindergarten into elementary school, then into middle school, high school, and choose either enter the career world, enter a trade school, and enter college and graduate school. We … Read More

Defense: Liver Disease

Defense: Liver Disease Maintaining liver awareness helps us avoid being informed by our medical physician that we have liver disease. Disorder of the liver initiates when one’s liver cannot digest food or rid one’s body of toxic substances. Our medical doctor informs us that liver disease can be inherited, or we can get it through a variety of factors that … Read More

Emotional Health

Emotional Health We all deal with entering and exiting emotional seasons. These seasons include dealing with personal and professional grief, facing unforeseen circumstances, embracing the pleasures of a pay raise, enjoying relationships, and taking the time out for a much-needed relaxation. Emotional healthcare is a must.  We want to eliminate emotional drama that causes unbalance within our wellness lifestyles, spirit, … Read More

Wellness in Family Strength Family strength flourishes within an atmosphere where family members appreciate and respect each family member’s uniqueness and contribution. How can this be accomplished? We can offer each other the following words of appreciation: I love you for you; I Appreciate you; Thank you for helping me. We can engage in family quality times. Take time out … Read More

Wellness Destroyer: If Only

Wellness Destroyer: If Only If only thoughts leave us feeling depressed, sad, and mad. If only thoughts remind us of what we do not have. If only thoughts have us looking at what others have and opens the door to jealousy and anxiety.   As we continue to focus on what we do not have, self-pity arises on the spot … Read More

Wellness Lifestyle Hindrance: The What If Syndrome

Wellness Lifestyle Hindrance: The What If Syndrome We all go through the thought process of “What If”  questionnaire. What if I made another choice? What if I can not pay my car note? What if I loose my job? What if my wife/husband/significant other leaves me? What if I can not find the documents? What if my health fails me? … Read More

Is There Any Well-being in Self-Personal Power?

Is There Any Well-being in Self-Personal Power?   Personal power gives you the ability to change the direction of your lifestyle through life choices within yourself=strength. Personal power permits you to change bad habits and add new habits. Have you noticed that you continue to go through the cycle of repetition whenever you do something within your own strength? You start … Read More

Wellness: Your Emotion

Wellness: Your Emotion Each day brings with it the opportunities for us to choose our emotional responses. How can we control our emotional responses? We can engage in the following self-preparation:   Choose your interaction- Avoid responding to circumstances or people that may raise your blood pressure. Shift your friendship circle-If you noticed that your friends or social circles make … Read More