Soul Searching requires you to identify the Voices of Your Soul.

Sourl Searching Soul searching is taking an honest inward examination of one’s feelings. On the contrary, actual heart examinations can be either energizing or draining. The purpose of soul searching is to get a deep or critical inspection of one’s emotional state. The self-heart analysis can be painful. On the other hand, this inward assessment helps you to realize and … Read More

How Do I Deal With Gossip About Me?

How Do I Deal With Gossip? How do I deal with gossip about me and keep my sanity? First, I must ask myself, is there any truth in being sad? Next, I must remind myself that I will not take this personally. Finally, I will allow myself to feel upset, hurt, or betrayed because it is ok to feel. Support … Read More

The Love Lifestyle Recipe: soul care nutrition.

The Love Lifestyle Recipe The love lifestyle recipe proclaims that: what you believe surfaces in your self-thoughts what’s your love recipe. Next, it is expressed through your emotions. Also, it becomes visual through your physical appearance.” Finally, getting soul care fit is about learning to love, respect, and appreciate you. Of course, sometimes you fall, and that’s ok! Therefore, each … Read More

A Woman of Self-Worth Balances Self-Esteem and Mental Health

A Woman of Self-Worth A woman of self-worth lives a healthy lifestyle. Her mental health and self-esteem prepare and offer her a personal and professional productive future. Regardless of daily interactions and life challenges, the lady can maintain self-dignity. Wonderfully made A Woman of Self-Worth: Self-Esteem A woman of self-worth Identity and self-esteem are closely related. Our sense of self-worth … Read More

Positive Feedback Improves relationships’ communication.

Positive Feedback Improves Communication Skills Your positive feedback encourages the listener to continue sharing within an atmosphere to trust. The speaker relies on the listener to offer sincere, constructive feedback. Feedback skills are mandatory because it’s the listener’s response to the speaker’s story. Feedback consists of three valuable components. First, a compassionate listener is active. Active listening skills are acquired … Read More

Your DISC Personality Style

DISC Personality Styles Your DISC personality style throughout the day reveals your interactions skills. In addition, this personality profile visualizes human behavior traits. For example, your DISC style shows how you respond to life challenges. Next, it finally reveals your personal and professional influencers and how you react to leadership, rules, and regulations. Personality traits influence your lifestyle choices. Therefore, … Read More

Your DISC Behavior Style Influences Your Lifestyle Choices

Your DISC Behavior Style Influences Your Lifestyle Choices Your DISC behavior style can influence your lifestyle choices. Also, it sets the atmosphere for your social interactions, career choices, and friendships. The four DISC styles are Dominant (D), Interactive (I), Supportive (S), and Conscientious (C). You can find your  behavior type by taking the assessment Dissc Assessment Test. The DISC’s Benifits … Read More

You Are Wonderfully Made.

You Are Wonderfully Made You are wonderfully made. Body image is the mental representation of one’s creator. However, it may or may not bear close relation to how others see you. Moreover, body image is subject to all kinds of distortion. For example, our internal emotions go through various mood swings. Next, one’s early experiences and attitudes resemble our parents … Read More

Let’s Make SMART New Years Resolutions

Making New Years Resolutions Let’s make SMART new years resolutions. Last year, we made a long list of tasks to complete, health challenges, and friendships to drop. Also,  we convince ourselves that we have a clean bill of health and new visions. Therefore, as we decree lifestyle changes, let’s make sure we can complete them—no more wishful declarations that end … Read More

Your Holiday Attire

friends having a toast

Your Holiday Attire and Holistic Balance Your holiday attire shall visually illustrate holistic balance, spirit, soul, and body. While gift shopping, our interactions with others confirms our faith values. Also, actions and words portray health soul care. In addition, physical appearance visually proclaims a high energy level and an active lifestyle. Therefore, what we believe transitions through our verbal and … Read More