Having A Clear Focus For Goal Setting

h5> Goal Focus Clarity A clear focus for setting goals is important for task completion. A task focus person knows what equipment is needed. In addition, they are familiar with how they need to strategize their thoughts, actions, deeds, connections, and finances to turn the person’s dreams into reality visually. Therefore, the following components are needed: behavior awareness and the … Read More

Tai Chi a Healthy Treat for Arthritis

Tai Chi, an arthritis healthcare, offers many wellness benefits. One’s lifespan can increase through slow physical meditative movements. Tai Chi, painless exercise, improves mobility.tai-chi for everyone. Furthermore, the trouble-free movement protects your joints. In addition, the slow control health progression releases pain and stiffness. Scientist research reveals the practical and essential benefits of ongoing fitness routines. Also, daily Tai Chi … Read More

The Healthy Way to Start Your Day

The healthy way to start your day is to keep a wholesome balance. In other words, your spirit, soul, and body are in balance. Yet, this can be challenging if your faith bank has depleted. Also, if you are emotionally drained. In addition, you are fatigued. Finally, your lack of sleep and life’s pressures. What can you do to overcome … Read More

Do You Have An Attitude of Gratitude

if we choose not to have an attitude of gratitude, we can overlook mid-day grace. The pressure of family issues, work stress, and lack of cash flow burden us with wanting more. Yet, the state we find ourselves in causes us to be an emotional drain. The feeling of anxiety replaces the desire to be grateful. However, we no longer … Read More

The Blessings in Saying the Good in the Good Morning Lord

The Good in the Good Morning Lord The good in the good morning, Lord, reminds us we are alive. We are blessed to take another breath. As we place our foot on the ground, our mind runs rapidly over what we need to accomplish today. Before moving forward into today’s life, hassle, let us take a breath. Let us ponder … Read More

Therapy Through Inspirational Music: Gospel

Therpeutic Music: Calmness Gospel music offers numerous therapeutic benefits. Listening to gospel music can improve one’s quality of life. This calming music offers hope to anyone who is enduring relationship conflicts or dealing with financial difficulties. Also, music brings calmness while enduring work issues, peer pressures, and life disappointments. Hospice has encouraged their patients and family members to listen to … Read More

Will Your Legacay Left Behind Be Valuable ?

Will My Legacy Bless Those I left behind? My Legacy Package We dread the thought of leaving this earth. However, we must give it some thought. The years we physically live, did we bless, honor, and respect God, self, and others? That is a question that is not easy to answer. We can meditate and ponder over our words, actions, … Read More

Behavior Modification and Listening Skills

Behavior Modification for Listening Skills We ask ourselves how we can become active listeners? We can try using Behavior Modification Listening skills. This tool will help us to stop engaging in negative listening habits. As a result, we will be better listeners. So, what are some of the positive (benefits) of using this approach? We are happy you asked. We … Read More

Thoughts and Family

Thoughts aboout our family gatherings Thoughts about our family gatherings can delightful. On the other hand, pondering over spending time with love ones can be stressful and dreadful. Stop!!!! As we approach this weekend, let us not get caught up on how we think it should go and how our family members should act. Let us remember “that most important … Read More


Dryer For those who like to wash clothes, a dryer comes in handy. We can leave our clothes in the dryers during laundry time and proceed to engage in other activities. This utility item eliminates the need to hang our clothes outside or inside a laundry room. We comprehend the healthcare benefits of wearing clean, dry garments versus wearing wet … Read More