Being Mindful Of Our Thoughts

Mindful Of Our Thought Inventory

Being mindful of our thoughts reminds us to take inventory of our thinking patterns.  As we enter the season of being grateful, we must allow our minds to be flooded with the attitude of gratitude.  Have you heard the expression, “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”?  Our thoughts program our mind frame.

Our Mind Frame

We allow negative thoughts about ourselves and others to linger in our minds. Then these unwanted thoughts eventually drop into our souls. Next, our emotions enter into turmoil, depression, and feelings of hatred., On the contrary, before we can erase the wrong thought and replace it with a healthy thought, we must dissect it.

Thought Dissection

Being mindful of our thoughts, means requires thought dissection, which initiates from our soul thinking. Is this thought developing and enhancing our self-value? On the other hand, are we entering into stinking thinking? The next question to ask is where is this thought coming from? the Third question is how is this thought in relation to my thinking patterns?

Here is a couple of thinking pattern to consider: internal self-thoughts, childhood, youth, and adulthood relationships, co-workers’ personal opinions, and busybodies (gossipers, haters, and troublemakers). Being mindful of our thoughts encourages us to find the reason behind the idea.

Dealing With Negative Thoughts During The Thanksgiving Season

We can ask ourselves, is there any truth within the thought. If the answer is yes, we can accept it as constructive criticism. Being mindful of our thoughts inspires us to deal with unwanted thoughts. First, we can remember our faith-based practice. Then, please spend some time praising and worshipping our creator. Next, we can decide to be grateful for the breath of life. Finally, the negative thought can be dissected to discover the thought pattern.

Thought Declarations

During this Thanksgiving season, we can exchange negative thoughts with positive thoughts/declarations. So, our thoughts are pure. Also, we are honest and nonjudgmental thinkers. Therefore, we declare the minds of Christ.  


When thoughts begin to dwell within our minds, let us not enter the comfort zone. Instead, we will go to battle and find out the source of the idea. Then, we will dissect the thought and regroup. Next, we enter into a peaceful, calm, and neutral zone through our faith-based meditation. Finally, being mindful of our thoughts through our energizing positive declarations.