Skin Aging

We know that the medical industry alerts us that over the age of 65 the chances of getting skin cancer increase. As we grow older in God’s grace, we know that our physical appearance will change in the course of the normal aging process; yet, we are still fearfully and wonderfully made in His image. We should be aware and … Read More

Skin Care: Dry Skin

This skin type is also called Xerosis. One need to maintain skin moisture to stay smooth and avoid dryness during cold season/temperatures. Throughout our daily activities we deal with central heating, bathing in the summer sun, lack of H2O intake, and food choices that lead to dry mouths. Also, simple bathing and towel drying can remove skin’s oily lipid layers … Read More

Lunch Box

We realize that we can eat nutritionist meals and snacks when we carry our meals to work or school. Well, at least that is our goal and plan to maintain wholistic lifestyles in the areas of: food care, energy and cash flow maintenance. The food preference we neatly pack our lunch boxes with (hopefully) balance meals: fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, … Read More

Back to School

The words “Back to School” reminds us that the end of summer is approaching. It notifies all students (from pre-schools, through elementary, middle and high schools, into undergraduates, graduates, internships and doctorate candidates) that education is an ongoing process which requires the students’ alertness, the professors’ patience and compassion for subjects taught. Returning to the world of education (if we … Read More


In our vision of others, do we see them through the eyes of love without judgement? As we look at the age gap, varieties of skin shades, different lifestyles’ patterns, stages of emotions, and unique characters and personalities, do we focus on their rainbows of gifts, talents, and unique interacting styles? Do we see, focus, and remind our loved ones … Read More


Healthcare industries remind us that our medical history depends upon our families’ backgrounds and our personal self-cares but mostly from our DNA families’ generation. If we think about our wholistic lifestyles (spirit, soul, and body) healthcare we must reflect upon the following DNA: Spirit-our belief and faith in God or god; Soul-our self-will to choose, mind-thoughts (positive/negative) from self, family … Read More


What word describe your thoughts? As we stop and take a breath right now, what thoughts are floating through our heads right now? Throughout the day, let us stop and take inventory of our thoughts. If need so, change the channel from doubt, hatred, unbelief, and negative self-opinions to the channel that energize one’s thoughts, reminds us of our position … Read More


Operating within a proactive zone requires self-control practices. Our interactive focuses are rooted upon us controlling our words, actions and deeds versus responding to our situations, circumstances, and relationships’ dramas. Our daily proactive journeys should include the following lifestyle preparations: 1. Anger management-this is where we select in advance to not be intimidated and not to operate from emotional states … Read More

Summer Hair Care

We love wearing all the past, present and future hair styles. Curly hair fashion makes us look energized. Natural hair creation makes us look unique yet boldly proclaims a fashion statement. Braids, hair weaves, and a rainbow of hair colors helps us to model our independence through hair do creativity. While we are enjoying our hair style fashion, let us … Read More


During this summer season, some of us are enjoying the hot temperatures and some are not. We must remember to maintain our healthy lifestyles during the season of 90-degree temperatures. Our inner health cares (spirit and soul) get daily nutrition through engaging in mindfulness, prayer meditations, emotional checkups and through self-disciplines. Yet, we forget to maintain our physical strength and … Read More