Weight Management

We are informed by our physician that we need to continuously engage in weight management. This requires us to be determine, faithful, and loyal to incorporate a healthy balance between our spirits, souls, and bodies. This means we need to daily incorporate personal fellowship with God, eat nutrient meals, get our daily dose of exercises, speak life into our environments, … Read More


The title of a doctor is considered noble, prestigious, and honorable, yet the doctor’s reputation must be proven. An Allergist/Immunologists treats immune systems disorders. If our bodies are battling asthma, eczema, food allergies, insect stings or some autoimmune diseases, we should prayerfully seek this medical specialist. On the other hand, if we or a loved ones are dealing with; heart … Read More

Nail Polish

The various nail polish shades can represent our mental health in relation to our emotional states. The days we are full of energy bubbling over from the sun radiance we can select to wear the following lavishing red nail polish shades: Lady-in-Red, Big Apple Red, Red Eye, and Red my Lips. Also, we find ourselves proclaiming “May you be strengthened … Read More

Chair Faith

The chair is a convenient piece of furniture. Depending on our mindsets, comfort necessities, and chair preferences, we choose to sit in the lounging chairs, business chairs, exercise chairs, or healthcare chairs (physician social event, dentist, financial, educational, or criminal). Based on our income budget or no budget we purchase chairs to decorate the rooms within our personal and professional … Read More


The multitask that a mat places within one’s lifestyles are phenomena. When one is ready to meditate, one can engage in yoga. This requires one to use a yoga mat for the task. To decorate our floors or to eliminate back pain while doing dishes, or if we are standing on our feet for more than two hours, we can … Read More


Taking time out to engage in solitude is beneficial for our health and wellbeing. Inner peace refreshes our soul and body. As we meditate over the peace and tranquility visually portray through the waterfalls, palm trees sways, and the pleasure and joy receive through debt free proclamation we can appreciate the schedule solitude time. We must realistically confirm that schedule … Read More


We do not feel like being bother by the following external sounds, news media, family voices, employers’ dictatorships, loud music, or traffic sounds. We put on our selective headsets. This will allow us to hear and meditate on what “we choose to hear”. Yes, headphones can rescue us from unfamiliar sounds, unwanted sounds, and constructive sounds needed for survival. Before … Read More

Knock Out

Within the boxing and wrestling area spectators are on edge, the panic button has been pushed, television audience are waiting to visually see if the knocked down opponent will rise to the occasion or be counted out. The spectators who betted against the down-and-out fighter will be thrilled and pleased and a little richer if he chooses to stay down … Read More

The Traffic Light

Approaching the intersection and the release to proceed through the intersection depends on if we are a driver or pedestrian. The colorful traffic light keeps traveling order, reduces intersection accidents. Traveler know and abide by the traveling laws. As drivers we know that we proceed on the green light after caution. IF we are traveling by foot, we know that … Read More

The Blues

Each day brings about many challenges, adventures, good news and unexpected relationships and situations. When life throws us a curve ball, we start singing the blues. Singing our chosen song of blues, we proclaim sorrow, sadness, hurt, and journey downs depression lane. Also, we recall broken relationships, loss wages, claimed incurable diseases, and hardships. No doubt we must recognize and … Read More