Allergy and Essential Oils

There are all kinds of natural remedies within our healthcare system to help us deal with, overcome and eliminate allergies. We must realistically acknowledge that we are battling allergies knowing that with God all things are possible. By acknowledging the allergy attacks does not mean we accepting this infirmity within our bodies. We are simply stating we know what is … Read More

Allergy Alert

Mayo Clinic states that allergies occur “when your immune system reacts to a foreign substance — such as pollen, bee venom or pet dander — or food that doesn’t cause a reaction in most people”. Antibodies is produced within one’s immune system, when allergies disturb one’s health system. The immune system makes these antibodies to alert one’s body of particular … Read More

For for Thought

The next time we enter the anger attack zone, let us counter attack it by engaging in self-Control in Christ. First, let us take three deep breaths. Next, let us engage in soul health care by examining our thoughts, emotions, and attitudes. Let us ask ourselves the following questions: Why am I angry? Did I cause this anger? Does my … Read More


We can tell when we are operating from angry emotions. We can hear ourselves proclaim I feel angry. You are making me mad or we feel resentment internally without responding externally through our words, actions or deeds. It activates the emotion anger when one’s feeling visually illustrate strong resentment expression which transition into physical words of resentment or frustration with … Read More


We are always looking for ways to protect our investments. Home security we hope will eliminate burglary, auto insurance protects our car investment, and health coverage permits us to maintain holistic lifestyles. Cybersecurity, according to Marriam-Webster are the “measures taken to protect a computer or computer system (as on the Internet) against unauthorized access or attack”. Media advertises how one … Read More


When we meditate on the definition of the word Chasity, we think that one who operate within a state of Chasity does the following: abstain from unlawful sexual intercourse, a priest or nun, purity in conduct and intention, restrain from participating in unlawful activities and interact with others with integrity. As we view our daily interaction within the mirror, can … Read More

Mindful Meditation

Let us pause, if possible, right now and breathe in and exhale out for two minutes and try this prayer and recollection meditation which helps to restore our inner peace by Klaus Issler: “Now and then I pause, and listen to my breathing: Is it SLOW? QUICK? EASY? LABORED? Congested? And I ask, how do I feel, Now in my … Read More


We are always multi-tasking. We find ourselves proclaiming: we need to do this; what do we need to do this evening; we wonder what tomorrow will bring. All of these thoughts, ideas, and concerns bombard our minds. If we stop to meditate on what we are thinking about, we will realize that we are not enjoying the MOMENT, right now. … Read More

Food For Thought: Spiritual Care

How are we nourishing our spirt? Are we taking the time out to be grateful for the things we have such as family members, shelters, foods, friends, finances and the breath of life? Are we enjoying fellowshipping; family events, church functions, sport entertainment, movies, or just a stroll in the park? Are we grateful that we can see, feel, touch, … Read More

Skin Care

Wikipedia. org defines skin care as “the range of practices that support skin integrity, enhance its appearance and relieve skin conditions”. The question we might ask ourselves every morning, noontime, evening or get asked by others is are we content with our skin care procedures and appearances? We and others can see our skin texture as either too dry or … Read More