Leadership: Failure Prevention

Avoidance of leadership failure within our personal and professional lifestyles can be accomplish once we view decisions, challenges, hardships, lost job opportunities and friendships as neither failure nor success but as a learning opportunity and self-growth under God’s grace. Leadership requires us to engage and maintain a self-care plan that causes spiritual growth, soul and physical healthcare. This plan can … Read More

Leadership: Self-Identity

We always hear someone saying, “before you can lead you must follow”. That is an interesting statement. If we are leaders would we follow our own leadership? That is a scary assumption; yet everyday we lead ourselves into various situations, circumstances, and relationships. Our self-leadership is entwined with our self-identity. Our faith and belief values are illustrated through or verbal … Read More

Mind Control

The ongoing question we can ask ourselves is Who or what are we allowing to control our thoughts and imaginations? Yes, our thoughts are full of our concerns: workload, midterms, family conflict, bills, health issues and unforeseen circumstances. We must constantly remind ourselves to not let what we care about drive our thoughts to turn on the mind street called … Read More

Flight #2019

“Welcome to Flight #2019. We are prepared to take off into the new Year, please make sure your Attitude and Blessing are secured and locked in an upright position. All self-destructive devices should be turned off at this time. All negativity hurt and discouragement should be put away. Should we lose Altitude under pressure, during the flight, reach up and … Read More

Merry Christmas

What a marvelous celebration, the birthday of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If you are blessed enough to be born on this day, you celebrate a double blessing. For the rest of us who are born on another day, we still rip the benefits from the Messiah’s birthday and redemption plan. Jesus’ birth bridged the gap between mankind and … Read More

I’ll Be Home

“I’m dreaming tonight of a place I love even more than I usually do and although I know it’s a long road back. I promise you. I’ll be home for Christmas. You can count on me. Please have snow and mistletoe and presents by the tree. Christmas eve will find me where the love light gleams. I’ll be home for … Read More

Christmas Colors

There are several colors that come to mind when we joyously think about Christmas; green, red, and gold. As we meditate on the meaning of the Christmas’ colors, let us ponder over how we can apply the energizing season colors within our lifestyles. Green- this evergreen color brightens our homes, workplaces, indoors and outdoors display in the forms of creative … Read More

The Christ in Christmas

Christ in Christmas reminds us of His miraculous birth, His never ceasing acts of love, and His amazing saving grace. The Christ in Christmas nudges our spirits to lovingly follow His words. The Christ in Christmas implements our responses to obey the leadership of the Holy Spirit instead of our emotional states. The Christ in Christmas energizes us to engage … Read More

Peaceful Sleep

“Silent night, Holy night, All is calm, All is bright Round yon virgin mother and child. Holy infant so tender and mild, Sleep in heavenly peace. Sleep in heavenly peace” (Lyrics from song Silent Night). Sleeping in heavenly peace, revolves around our soul state as we lay down to rest. Before we can rest in peace, we must meditate and … Read More

Silent Night

“Silent night, Holy night, All is calm, All is bright” (lyrics from song, Silent Night) At night time, we appreciate the silence, dark environment and atmosphere of calmness. Throughout our daily interactions we can incorporate feelings of sadness, rejections, or bitterness (dark environment). Yet, by choice during those disturbing moments, we can operate from the atmosphere of calmness. HOW? Be … Read More