When we are not certain how to pronounce a word or know the meaning of a word, we turn to the dictionary. In the dictionary whether on line or within a library atmosphere, we find refuge in learning and comprehending the meaning of the word. We accept what we have learned about the person, place, or thing without questioning the … Read More

Olive Oil

Our healthy food intake should include using fats and oils sparingly. We must keep in mind that not all fats and oils have equal weight: highly saturated and highly unsaturated. Olive oil has the following breakdown of fatty acids: Olive oil has 9% of Poly-unsaturated, has 72% of Mono-unsaturated, has 14% of Saturated and its fat ratio (unsaturated/saturated) is 5.8:1. … Read More

Lifestyle Recipe

The good ingredient within our lifestyle recipe is not rooted upon our good works, good deeds, or legacies’ destinations. To endure the lifestyle race set before us, we must put on a wholistic armor that helps us to maintain a balance between our spirits, souls, and bodies. This recipe must include, ongoing self-evaluations, self-acceptance, realization of our strength and weaknesses, … Read More


We seek revelation when we are operating within an unknown environments, relationships, financial crisis, or in need of healthcare preventions. We tend to let our minds wonder into the “What If” Syndrome. Now we are in need of the manifestation of the definition of the term Revelation, which is “a surprising and previously unknown fact, especially one that is made … Read More

Energy Dosage

We all need vitamins, good eating habits, fitness rituals, and faith declarations. Instead of relying on medications to cure our emotional and physical challenges, let us partake of a daily spiritual (energy) prescription to prevent unnecessary stressors, people pressures, and spiritual’s, emotional’s, and physical’s deterioration: 1. Take a deep breath 2. Have an attitude of gratitude 3. Declare God’s words … Read More

Prepositional Phrases Problems

In English we are corrected when we misuse our English etiquette. This is noticed when we use prepositional phrases as a subject. Throughout our daily interactions, our actions misrepresent our goals when we use prepositional phrases of: gossip, hatred, unforgiveness, jealousy, pride and self-pity to dictate our responses. Let us avoid living from the downfall of prepositional phrases. We can … Read More

Subject/Verb Agreement

Everything within our lifestyles must be in agreement in order for us to maintain balance. Most of us have experienced receiving negative English marks in writing because we created our own subjects/verbs agreements. If we don’t conform to the English affirmation of correct writing skills and speaking in relation to subject/verb agreement, we will lack communication comprehension. If we need … Read More


Throughout our earthly journey, we mingle within the occupancy environment. We define the word occupy by a place (home or work) to reside in and by preoccupying our thoughts. We occupy family residencies, friendships, employments, and ministries. As we occupy our lifestyle with healthy wholistic choices, let us: Family residencies- occupy our family label by serving others in humility and … Read More


English a second language offers instructional English grammar classes and session to persons who want to master the English Language. At any age, one can seek free classes to learn to read and then read to learn in English. The challenge may be in enunciation and pronunciation and trust and rapport in the English instructor. The ability to write and … Read More

Sinus Infection

As the season changes, some of us are attacked by Sinus Infections. This unwanted negative health challenge result in sinusitis which is an inflammation of sinuses and nasal passages. It can cause the following symptoms: headaches or pressure within our eyes, nose, or cheek area or tightness on one side of our head. We notice that we are now coughing, … Read More