Wholistic Deodorant

To avoid the embarrassment of underarm odor, we selectively use a deodorant brand of our choice. While using the product we pray and hope we will not have an allergic reaction and that the scent will confirm to our body types. Living a wholistic lifestyle mandates us to wear deodorant that balance with our sprit, soul, and body. Spiritual choice … Read More

Nutrition Tips Part A

Healthy eating mandate us to practice self-control in the area of food choice, food frequency, and food portion. A reliable educational source is “ChooseMyPlate.com”. We use food as a social connector. We think that as we age our nutritional intake should change; however, our bodies still require similar food intake from our younger years in relation to balance meal (fruits, … Read More

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day Celebrate by Exercising Men and women who exercise are less frustrated, not dealing with chronic diseases, walk in self-confidence, have a strong immune system, and able to contour attack depression. Physical activity offers the following health-related benefits: reduce the risk of illnesses, improve mental sharpness, offers positive outlook on life, increases energy level, keeps one independent, reduces … Read More

Nutrition Tip

“Eat until you are no longer hungry, NOT until you are full. Eating to fullness means you’re over-fueling, so if we look at food as fuel, and a source to add energy to cells, then we logically only need to eat until those cells are full. This often occurs before you feel full. There is an empowerment to pushing the … Read More

Photo Image

The photo industry can make you look strong, healthy and flawless through their lens. As we look at our selfie taken maybe last year, last week, yesterday or today, we become judgmental and very critical. We notice the wideness or narrowness of our nose, the smallest mark on our face, the hair out of place, and frown. Then, we start … Read More

Water Charge

When COVID-19 rapidly entered our personal and professional lifestyles, media informed us how stores were out of water supply. We entered confinement with, some of us, an oversupply of water, hand sanitizer and paper items. Now that we have the water, are we staying hydrated? We need to be aware of the extra sugar calories we are partaking since we’re … Read More

Mask Wearing Guidelines

There are some “thy shall” and “thy shall not” mask wearing precautions to take while we are protecting self and others during this challenging season. Thy shall Make sure your mask is comfortable and allowing for normal breathing Make sure your mask is secure behind head with ties or loop that are comfortable and supportive Make sure the mask is … Read More

Face Mask or Not

Going out into the public after being released from house arrest (confinement), we struggle with should I wear a face mask? If I wear a face mask how much of my face do I need to cover? For those who want to make a fashion statement, then the face mask choice transitions into a matching accessory with healthcare benefits. Public … Read More