Cell Phone and Family Events

We all love our cell phones, since they are considered ready access to be used upon our request. If we are not careful, this modern technology, can ruin our family fun time. While we are feeling more connected to what we are viewing on our phones, we have disconnected with our love ones who are right in front of us. … Read More

Family: Mindfulness

This weekend as we spend time with love ones, let us be mindful of their weekend plans, personalities, attitudes, preferences, emotional states, and lifestyles challenges. We can practice family mindfulness by: Making sure we are rested and taking care of our personal needs before interacting with family. Making sure we are willing to love, respect, and appreciate each family member … Read More

Soul Care: Mind/Emotion Assessment

We often forget to take the time to check our mind and emotion thermostats. We realize that the emotional thermostat is too high after being angry, verbally abusing others, or feeling weak or tired. We get upset and anxious about what we are meditating on; yet, we do not stop to reset our thought thermostat to energizing and encouraging thoughts. … Read More

Health Through Physical Activity

When we need to get someone, we can move swiftly and not operate within a complaining mode. Whether we realize it or not, physical activity is a vital part of our “moving lifestyles”. We are grateful to be able to commute from place to place; however, are we conscious of the health benefits we receive through physical movements? Through physical … Read More

Relationships: Love

If we allow them to, family members, friends, business partners, church family members can make us not want to associate with them because of their word choices, actions or deeds towards us. Still God requires us to follow and obey Christ’s Great Commandment which is to walk in LOVE. Mankind turn his back on God; yet, God still save mankind’s … Read More

Eye Health Care

How is our vision? We need to be good to our physical eyesight. In order to see within the natural realm, eye care maintenance is a necessity. How can we be good to our eyes? 1. Schedule annual eye care examination 2. Spend less time looking at our digital devices 3. 20-20-20 Rule 4. Every 20 minutes of screen viewing … Read More

Child’s Behavior: Inadequacy

Child’s Behavior: Inadequacy We must remember that all behaviors have purpose goal. We must remember that if we response to the child’s behavior (the problem) this will not address the purpose of the child’s behavior. We are only perpetuating the problem. We must model how we would like to be spoken to. Dealing with the misbehaving goal called inadequacy, we … Read More


We think of a family coach within our families as someone who deeply understands our lifestyles, challenges, dreams, disappointments, struggles, and habits. This is true as long as we can include ourselves. As a family coach, how should we respond and interact with our family members? We should inspire ours and family members’ personal growth. We should respect, except, and … Read More

Family: Walking in Love

Walking in Christlike love is possible when we choose to deny serving our souls and flesh and be acceptance of others’ lifestyle choices. Remember, “I can do all this through him who gives me strength” when we maintain daily intimacy with God (Phil. 4:13). It is vital for us to listen and obey the leadership of the Holy Spirit, stay … Read More