Skin Care

We need ongoing replacement of Antioxidants in the skin as there are depleted from our skin when exposed to sunlight. Please check with your Spiritual Physician and Medical Physician before including these supplements within one’s regular nutrition. Vitamin A-This supplement is important for skin health. Tretinoin (Retin-A) reduces fine and large wrinkles, liver spots, and surface roughness. Tazarotene, retinoid, is … Read More

Exposure: Skin Disorder

No one sits around meditating about skin disorders. Regardless of one’s age, he or she can be at risk. Skin disorders (through sun exposure) occur in childhood and adolescence at a percentage between 50% and 80%. Let us make sure we are providing the proper amount of sunblock or sunscreen for self and our children. Senior citizens between the ages … Read More


Who gets excited, when they hear the word “homework”? With learning opportunities comes the need to include homework within our daily agendas. This word can be a blessing, when we see it as a way to enhance our wholistic lifestyles, spirit, soul, and body. First, if we proclaim that we are followers of Christ, then homework is needed as a … Read More


Children enjoy playtime and we as adult enjoy playtime (me-time/intimate time with love ones/social or recreational events). We must remember that playtime means just that. During this time, we must allow ourselves to “enjoy where we are on” and whom we are with “on the road to where we are going” as quoted by Joyce Meyer. During this playtime let … Read More


Each day we visually illustrate our praises too and for God. During our challenging days is when others see our true praise and worship actions. Even thou frustration, aggravation, and anxiety can attack us all through our souls and bodies, by faith we need to remind ourselves that in Christ, we can do all things (guide our thoughts, heart, emotions, … Read More


Tomorrow as we enter our personal or professional lifestyles, let us remember that we were created to interact with others. Togetherness can be accomplish when we deny self-pride, self-glorification, and self-righteousness. Every relationship we select to enter should offer others the following love benefits: Freedom of speech. Freedom of opinions. Free-from our judgmental statements. Free-from our manipulating spirits. Free-from our … Read More

Work Motivation

Paying bills is a great motivator for keeping a job. On the other hand, if we do not like our job descriptions, we can view our jobs as burdensome. We must remember that financial stability manifest through labor; however, our current employment status does not have to represent our future employment status. While we are working within a career field … Read More

Summer Breeze

The joys of summer initiate through a comforting breeze felt on our face. We look up into the sunshine and are grateful and thankful for the opportunities to see God’s handiwork within the breath of fresh air, the trees swaying in the wind, people laughing while the sun set, and music blasting from an oncoming car traffic. As we take … Read More


“Whenever I’m with him Something inside starts to burning And I’m filled with desire Could it be the devil in me? Or is this the way love’s supposed to be? It’s like a heat wave Burning in my heart Can’t keep from crying It’s tearing me apart” (Lyrics, Love is Like a Heat Wave, by Linda Ronstadt) Wow, in some … Read More


On our daily journeys we start off full of zeal, determination, and self-confidence. As we enter the endurance zone, we battle with self-defeating thoughts, with feelings of anxiety, and with listening to others’ suggestions, opinions, and negative feedbacks about our lifestyle choices. When we start to feel life’s; pressures or to engage in self-inflicted or others’ inflicted viewpoints about our … Read More