Fall Attire

The temperature is dropping. Realistically we are aware that our dress attires have transitioned from shorts, tank tops to long sleeve shirts/blouses, trench coats, lights scarves, cardigans or knitted sweaters, closed in shoes, and or weathered and fashionable boots. Yes, we prepare ourselves for the physical wear/ fall attire. Let us not forget to prepare our spirits, souls, and bodies … Read More


We are destiny to follow our destiny. Our dreams and goal should be rooted and visual throughout our daily interactions. We energetically tell others that we have a calling, or passion. Yes, we plan and enjoy operating within our God-given-callings. The question to ask ourselves is, do we just have one calling throughout our lifespans? Let us ponder over the … Read More

October Watch

This time of the year, media and medical industries inform us to get our Flu shots and watch out for allergies, viruses, and muscle joint challenges. We are reminded to fall back, set our clocks back and lose one hour of sleep. We start preparing our bodies for upcoming holidays, cold weather, family gathering, and school and career work overloads. … Read More

Fall In

Yes, fall is here. As we stroll through the park, we begin to see the leaves’ colors transition from bright green to a mellow brown, sunshine yellow and eventually disappear off the trees. Fall brings with it a season of warmth, equips us with temperature change, wardrobe adjustments, more indoor activities, hot food intake, as our children and some of … Read More


We all may run in the opposite direction, when we receive a healthcare reminder to schedule our yearly physical. Our thoughts become negative and we enter into the What If Syndrome Zone. What if I have high blood pressure? What if I am and diagnose with cancer, diabetes, or some other awful diseases? How human nature immediately accept the negative … Read More

Active/Passive Voice

Our word choices represent and reveal to ourselves and others our faith declarations. If we continuously chat about past failures, hurtful relationships, and financial hardships we project stagnant lifestyles. On the other hand, if our health choices create energizing ongoing relationships, trails of financial blessings, and steps closer to our destinies, we are growing and glowing in God’s grace. It … Read More


Miracles are all around us; yet, we miss them. We lose sight of the small blessings since we list them as everyday convenient. What are some expected everyday convenient blessings? The breath of life, being able to chauffeur ourselves around through our legs transportation, being able to pick up and put things down within our own strength, being able to … Read More

Song of Words

“The tongue of the wise is health” (by Kenneth E. Hagin). “The words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the tongue of the wise brings healing” (Proverbs 12:18). We prefer to interact with persons who speak words that compliment, build up, motivate, and agree with our dreams and goals. Most of the time our spoken words are program from … Read More

Ear Discernment

Are we listening for instructions, clarity, amusement, or for the destruction of self and others? As we dissect what we are listening to, we need to make sure our ears’ receptors permit a healthy listening balance. We need Scripture clarity when making personal and professional decisions. Since laughter is medicine for our souls, we need to incorporate situations, circumstances and … Read More

Ear Infection

byron and fredina weems

We all laugh when we hear someone say “can you understand the words coming out of my mouth”? It is not so funny when you cannot hear what is being said because of an ear infection. An ear infection can be acute or otitis media result from a bacterial or viral infection. This unhealthy and uninvited infection often affects the … Read More