Anger control: SSS

We get angry for several reasons. Our responses to anger is what we needs to be in  control of.  We are not responsible for others’ words, actions or deeds. We must remind ourselves of this fact. Our response to anger is controllable when we implement the SSS suggestive tips.

You ask, what is SSS?

It is

S-Swift to hear

S-Slow to speak

S-Slow to wrath

When face the challenge to respond/react to criticism or negativity of others Let us

Take several deep breaths

Ask ourselves what did we hear?

Do we need to respond??

Is my anger raising my blood pressure (not healthy)?

Did I take the words personally?

Then remind myself if it is constructive criticism, I may not like it; however, I will receive it. If is coming from a negative source, spray my spiritual PAM (Protected Armor form Me getting offended), and move forward.

Let us know how you handle anger in a healthy way.


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