Jesus family fitness and fun (JFFF)

As a Christian couple, our marital journey started with our parents’ friendship, which begin forty plus years ago. The Usher’s (Fredina’s parents) and Weems’ (Byron’s parents) embarked on a business venture.  Through the prayers of our mothers, we married.  While Fredina’s passion was and is spreading the gospel through wellness, Byron’s passion was and is spreading the gospel through song. We both love to worship and serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We enjoy individual daily prayer and Bible study time with the Lord, which is in the morning before we start the day.  Before we leave the house to spread the gospel, Byron and Fredina pray collectively to be a blessing to each other and whomever the Lord sends across our path.

Wholistic Call to Care through life coaching (personal and professional) is our slogan. We encourage, motivate, educate and collaborate with professionals, organizations, groups, and companies to assist their employees through wholistic healthcare transition (spirit, soul, and body) in order to be effective, efficient, and productive employees and family members.