I am here to help you recognize, reflect and change various routines within your lifestyle that will enhance your health and well-being. Together we have a holistic impact on the various Behavioral Change stages.

Are you in need of a behavior change?

If you want to change unhealthy lifestyle choices, within our nonjudgmental environment, We will attentively listen and support you on your journey. You are overstressed, have high blood pressure, are and not able to maintain a healthy weight, We can help you develop/maintain a health and fitness routine (of your choice) to boost your energy level, lower your blood pressure, and enhance your self-confidence.

Whoops, you notice you are eating too much junk food, not getting enough sleep and smoking. Let us work with you (team effort) to start adding healthy food choices (that you will like to eat), and dealing with your soul care to find the trigger to sleepless nights and smoking patterns.

Whatever unhealthy behavior change you want to make, we are here to assist you (not tell you or order you to change) as you willingly select what healthy behavior you want to replace the negative actions that is hindering your health and wellbeing.

We ae looking Forward to Collaborating with you, as your Behavior Change Coach.

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