A Recipe for Love During Family Gatherings and Dealing with Self.

The Love Recipe in Action

Serving others using the Love recipe enhances your family gatherings. It eliminates harmful competition, backbiting, and gossiping. Loving others generate an atmosphere of peace, joy, and a sense of belonging.

The weekend is here. As you spent time with yourself, family members, friends, church members, use the below love recipe.The love recipe
4 cups of unselfishness. This allows us to focus on the interest of others.
2 cups of patience towards others. Take two deep breaths and remember it is not about me.
1 cup of acceptance of others. Seeing each other as unique individuals (not my con)
1/2 cup of encouragement. Building each other with words of encouragement and service with a smile.
2 tablespoons of listening skills. Practicing active listening skills.
1 teaspoon of humor and seasoned with faith. Choosing not to take life so seriously as we enjoy each other’s company.

The Love Recipe Finish Product: Summary

Loving self and others is an ongoing recipe to be used throughout our lifestyle-recipe. Our love walk will represent who we are within our personal and professional choices. This loving recipe is easy to follow when we remember to serve others in patience. Also, our love will respect family members’ uniqueness.

Next, Our concern for others will be active through our attentive Listening skills. Finally, our compassion for self and family will be visual through ongoing, sincere words of encouragement. In summary, these acts of kindness will identify our character and who we are.

Enjoy spending time with yourself, family, friends, and church members as you walk with the King, and be a triple blessing to everyone you meet and greet.Family Love Recipe

Enhancing The Love Recipe with Family Fun

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