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Transformation Journey Book Club
30 minutes once a week (six weeks) wholistic healthcare journey through the book. (virtual sessions once you purchase the book). Dates to be announced.
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We offer a wide variety of wellness, ministry and musical services

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Corporate Wholistic Healthcare™

This peaceful and rejuvenating retreat will be catered to the health and wellness needs of the employees.

Inspirational Vocalist™

Through anointed inspirational songs and movements, our inspirtional vocalist, motivates and encourages employees/students and staff members through their emotional, physical, cognitive and social wellbeing challenges.

School Wholistic Healthcare ™

This fun effective and energizing retreat will be catered to the health and wellness needs of the students.

Physical Healthcare

Will illustrate how the employees’ lifestyle choices affects their physical appearances, wellbeings, and job performances.


Our mission

Wholistic Call to our slogan, because we encourage, motivate, educate and collaborate with professionals, schools, organizations, groups, and companies to assist their employees/students through wholistic healthcare transition (spirit, soul, and body) in order to be effective, efficient, and productive employees/students.  


To enhance companies’, organizations’ or groups’ church ministries’ (employees, contractors, and members) and schools’ students personal and professional wellbeing and healthcare in order for employees/contractors/students to be effective, efficient, and productive within their personal and professional lifestyles