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Spiritual Wellness

Establishing peace and harmony within one’s lifestyle through one’s connection and interactions with Scriptures, God’s Blueprint for His Disciples.

Musical Therapy

Music heals one’s soul. Music is linked to balancing mood swings Music effects using different types of neurological situations.

Occupational Wellness

Personal fulfillment of one’s career choice glorifies God. Accepting and making a Christ-like impact within the selective career field.

Physical Wellness

Bible’s wisdom on our physical body representing and glorifying God. Recognizing how our behavior has a significant impact on our physical wellness and healthy habits


Our mission

We are a holistic, biblically based ministry that intends to educate the masses on God’s Divine Health Plan, which expresses wellness and wholeness for mankind. 


To encourage, motivate, and develop people through God’s Dimension of Wellness. Everyone’s health is important to God, their family, and themselves. When people have a holistic feeling of good, their lives thrive.


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